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Writing a paper to publish might not be where you’re at right now. If that’s the case then we have the option for you to share your work, experiences or reviews on our blog. JVisComm always welcome guest contributors for the blog.

Help us spread the interesting world of visual communication in medicine through a variety of article topics:

  • Author interviews
    In this series we interview authors that have been previously published with the Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine. We’ll link back to your paper and also share with viewers on what you’re working on now.Get in contact if you’ve been published before and want to be interviewed.

  • Industry interviews
    In this series we look to interview industry experts and learn more about their role and their career in medical visualization/communication.

  • Book reviews
    Do you have a book that you’re interested in reviewing or do you have a book that you would like reviewed? We can facilitate in finding the book for you as well as a reviewer to write a book review for you.

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