Write for the Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine

If you want some quick tips and info about the Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine, check out Dr Caroline Erolin’s lecture from the IMI 2018 conference.

Writing for the Journal


About the Journal

We have five sections:

  1. Scientific and Technical
  2. Professional Development
  3. A Backward Glance
  4. Professional Gallery
  5. Alternative Gallery

Facts About the Journal

  • Launched in 1951 as the Journal of Medical & Biological Illustration
  • 1978 name change to Journal of AudiovisualMedia in Medicine
  • 2005 the name changed again to the Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine
  • Owned by IMI
  • Published by Taylor & Francis

PART 2 | Why Write a Paper?

As the author you get 50 free eprints of your paper that you can share as part of your press release or to key demographics. Taylor & Francis have a great article that helps authors ensure that their publication makes an impact.

Advancing the Profession by sharing knowledge

Continuing Professional Development

PART 3 | Advice on Writing a Paper

Choosing a Topic:

-What have you done lately?
-What are you interested in?
-Suggested topics:
-Visualisation in medical education
-New technology
-Advances in ophthalmic imaging
-Case studies
-Mentoring scheme

Paper Structure:

Word Count <5000
Include images
Give yourself time
Try to get support of line manager
Numerous online resources:

Online Resources

-Word templates are available
-Taylor & Francis quick layout guide
-Referencing Guide

PART 4 | The Submission Process

No fee + full colour
Online via ScholarOneManuscripts
Follow the online submission guide
You can save at any time

Double Blind Peer Review

You will need to prepare two copies of the manuscript for submission. One file will need to have all your author details included, and one will need to be anonymized. Both versions should include the titled, abstract, body and references.

PART 5 | Other Ways to Contribute

Contributing to the Journal is not limited to research articles, you can also share your thoughts and insights through:

  • Book Reviews
  • Contributing to the Gallery section
  • Becoming part of the Peer Review team

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